What Is Stomach Acid and How Does it Work?

Our digestive system is quite complex and it has a lot of enzyme and acids which help in digestion of different nutrients that get distributed through the body. The digestion process has many steps and it starts right from our mouth. Food particles are mixed with saliva and broken down into small pieces by the action of our teeth. Swallowing then down the esophagus reduce their size further. It comes to the stomach, where the major digestion takes place and finally the process ends in the small intestine.

In normal processing, the muscle rings located at the base of the esophagus opens and when food passes through and find its way to the stomach, it closes quickly. Sometimes, when this muscular ring does not work properly, some stomach juices come back in esophagus and a person feels heartburn or acid reflux. There are many factors which lead to stomach acid problems. Stomach ulcer can be a major factor, which contributes towards stomach acids. Hiatal Hernia can also lead to stomach acid problems. Eating a lot of food in a single sitting is also a major factor. Wearing tight clothes, alcohol drinking and lack of physical activity are also important factors not to be overlooked as well.


Heartburn is the most common symptom of stomach acid. Other includes, sore throat, bitter taste and cough. Different individuals can experience different symptoms, according to their situation.


There are some healthy eating habits, which can help avoiding stomach acid problems. Like using sugar free drinks and having a diet which has less fatty acids. Fat prevents the closing of esophageal muscles, which leads to acid reflux. Daily exercise can also prevent stomach acids. Take low calorie milk, instead of whole milk and avoid taking egg yolk. Chewing food properly can help in prevention of excess stomach acid production. Moreover, plan small meals throughout the day, instead of two or three big meals. A cup of yogurt everyday can also help in keeping the useful bacteria alive, which are really helpful in digestion.  Other than that, drinking water can also help in improving the digestion. You can also take some digestive supplements, which can help in preventing stomach acids.


Stomach acids can be treated by taking on a proper diet. Include milk, rice, fish and cereals in your diet. Moreover, consult your doctor, as he is the right person who can suggest diet and medication, if needed. Treatments at home would include using a natural and proven product like Acid Control Formula by Digestive Science. This is just an overview of this common problem, you can consult your doctor if you see some persistent signs.