Learn how to Loose your weight and NOT your identity

If you are tired of following various suggestions, tips, slimming diets, weight loss plans , and gym instructions but still not able to achieve the physique or figure of your dreams then do not worry.

Then forget these tips and advices of all the people and follow ours. These tips and plans will definitely help you to lose weight as they are the all time proven formulas and tips for the weight reduction. Look, if you have gained some pounds, its fine.

It’s not a big deal that your world has crashed down. First never loose confidence inspire of gaining few pounds. Remember that it happens with everyone. Do not start giving yourself pain by eating tasteless food and getting physically exhausted by over exercising.

1) Start exercising slowly and start increasing your exercise timing as the weeks pass. If you think that by spending hours in gym you can lose ample of weight then guys you are wrong. Over exercising can lead you to over eating as well, remember this! So stick to the regime and exercise according to your ability. Do not stress your body by over exercising.

2) Never skip meals: People have this wrong judgment that if they skip meals or do not eat they will eat less. But you know what, by skipping meals and breakfast you are affecting your body sugar levels and then indulging in over eating later. Skipping meals makes you hungrier and famished which will make you eat everything and anything after you can’t control your hunger anymore. Hence it is always better to eat small meals throughout the day instead of 3 big portions.

3) Do not loose confidence: This is the most important factor that I usually would like to emphasize on. Because no latest what, if you loose confidence then nothing can help you out in this world. Hence, if you have gained a few pounds here and there, then no need to show your pot belly to your friends and cry over it.

You do not even need to stand in front of the mirror for hours and blame yourself for that weight. This way you are only mentally punishing yourself. Hence practice proper self compassion and change your behavior against yourself and weight gained. Instead of punishing yourself mentally and demeaning yourself, start focusing on positives of life and the options that you can use to loose those pounds. Lose weight and be smarter day by day.

4) Never weigh yourself very obsessively Yes, its very necessary to be firm and patient regarding your weight gain. If you keep on weighing yourself right after every breathe then you are only punishing yourself more. Remember to stay consistent with your weight loss plans, diets, daily routine and eating habits.

5) Do not try difficult diets The purpose of diet is to help you manage your eating habits and make a proper timetable for you. Hence these diets are not to be followed for a long periods of time. Diets help you to cut out unhealthy food that has become the necessary item in your eating list and without which you cannot breathe . But the slimming diets or the weight loss diets promote healthy foods with carbs, proteins, and necessary vitamins for your body by keeping unhealthy food items at bay. Then it depends how much you control your cravings.

6) But listen to hunger cues Always listen to your body and do not ignore your timely hunger cues. This can help you in avoiding over eating which will lead to weight gain. Follow proper eating routine with smaller portions of meals throughout the day instead of keeping yourself hungry for hours and the indulging in overeating and gobbling up everything that comes your way.

7) Do not loose focus Lastly, another important thing is never call quits if for initial days you cannot see weight reduction in any ways. Your body needs time to adjust to the new timetable that you have given it. Hence focus and be patient throughout and so not call quits in the middle of your regime.