Is Masturbation Good for Health?

Whether we like to admit it or not; everyone masturbates. Most sexologists claim that masturbating is a symbol of a healthy sex life. But is masturbation good for health, and should it be a regular aspect of one’s life?

What is Masturbation?

Masturbation is self-stimulation of the body parts to achieve sexual pleasure and at times to reach an orgasm. The fact that masturbation leads to mental and sexual health issues has been under study for a long time and many myths have been solved. Masturbation is no longer a hidden phenomenon.

Benefits of Masturbation

Australian academics state that masturbation helps in controlling the risks of prostate cancer in men. Cystitis, depression, insomnia, as well as immunity can be improved due to masturbation. Masturbation is a good way to relieve sexual tension without getting any sexually transmitted diseases. It helps in exploring ones pleasure zones and also delivering the best to their partners.

It boosts up mood and is like a natural “dopamine”. Hormone therapists claim that masturbation boost levels of cortisol and endorphin levels. It also produces a fresh supply of sperms.

For women, masturbation helps cure the restless leg syndrome, explore their G-spots and also relieve depression and cure insomnia.

Drawbacks of Masturbation One needs to agree that not all kinds of orgasms are reached in the same way; therefore, masturbation is not healthy at all times.

Rigorous masturbation my lead to penile fracture in men. It is a condition where blood vessels get damaged and leave the penis swollen and ruptured. The act itself consumes energy and leaves the person restless for a while.

If masturbation is carried out excessively and health is ignored, it leads to drastic lifestyle changes and impotency in men. The problem arises when it comes to satisfying your spouses. Similarly in women, over-masturbation leads to sexual issues where consultation of a sex therapist becomes necessary. Everyone masturbates and it is only healthy when carried out alongside a healthy lifestyle. It becomes unhealthy when it is carried out in public, starts interfering with work, sexual relationships and compromises health.