Exercise to Reduce Back Fat

Here we introduce you latest exercise tips to reduce your back fat with in 3 week. This simple exercise duration is 15 minutes and you should carry this exercise 3 times in week. At the end your look is gorgeous and smart enough to show others.

1. Push and touch exercise is for your shoulders, chest and upper back:-

(a)  Hold 4 to 7 pound dumbbell in your both hands and stand erect on your both feet. Your arms should be down by the side and palms facing in forward position

(b)  Now raised your arms in forwarded position, it should be in the level of your shoulder height and the back of your arms are parallel to the ground. Stay in such position for 5 second and then raised your arms above your head and tap the end of weight together. Now slowly back your arms to shoulder level height and then lower to the starting position. Repeat this exercise in 3 set with 5 to 8 repetition.

2. Bent over circular row exercise is for mid-back, upper back, biceps and chest.

(a)  Hold 4 to 7 pound dumbbell in both hand and stand on both feet with knee should be bent forwarded so the upper body is parallel to the ground with hand and weight extended toward the ground.

(b)  Now keep the weight parallel to each other, do the circular movement to the left, up and toward your chest, Moreover, move them over the right and down. Same movement toward your right side and then it become the single repletion. Same circular exercise carries out as 3 set with 10 to 14 repetitions.

3. Next exercise is crisscross reverse fly for upper back and shoulders.

(a)  Hold 4 to 7 pound dumbbell in both hand and stand on both feet. Now bend your knees and tips your chest forward up to 45 degree angle.

(b)  Now your arms should be cross at the wrists in front of your knee and lift your arms up to your shoulders level height by pointing the weight outer side.

(c)  Lower your arms slowly to the starting positions and weight should be in cross opposite position.

(d)  Repeat this movement at least 3 times with 10 to 14 repetitions.