Cigarette Smoking And Also Being Pregnant: Do Not Mix

Filed under PregnancySmoking cigarettes and being Pregnant do not mix. Medical experts who treat expectant women caution these patients that Smoking cigarettes while pregnant can result in many problems and challenges when the child is born, as well as before this point. Cigarette smoke contains over A hundred toxic chemicals and compounds and these affect the unborn child as well as the mom when utilized. Smoking raises the risk of a miscarriage and stillbirth, which makes it a very real probability that the fetus will not survive long enough to be born.

Women who smoke while expectant have a much greater risk of having infants who are born underweight. These toddlers might also be born addicted to nicotine along with other dangerous substances that are in smoke. Early birth is also a huge risk and when the fetus is born too early then the baby may not survive. Any lady who’s intending on getting pregnant or is already in this condition must stop smoking immediately.

The combination of smoking and pregnancy is a unsafe one that carries lots of risks for the child, both pre and post birth. Obstetricians concern all new patients about smoking, drinking alcohol, and drug use as part of the initial prenatal appointment. Women who smoke and become expectant are motivated to stop immediately. The doctor can recommend support assistance and stop smoking aids which are effective and safe in expectant women.

During pregnancy the fetus requires oxygen. Smoking cigarettes lessens the amount of oxygen available to the fetus and could result in cell death in some cases. In place of oxygen smoking gives toxins and dangerous compounds that can cause birth defects and severe medical complications. Tobacco use also decreases the appetite at a time when the unborn baby needs nutritional support, and this can lead to a very low birth weight.

Unfortunately many women ignore medical advice and smoke through the whole gestation. There has been a link shown between babies exposed to smoke, both inside the womb and in the home after birth, and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Quitting at any stage in the pregnancy may help decrease the risks of issues and help generate a healthy baby who thrives.