How to Rest With a Purpose

Rest is a crucial ingredient in any recipe for good health. When getting in shape, a string of strenuous workouts will only weaken the body without adequate recovery periods in between. Hard workouts tear down the body, and then rest builds it back up. It’s the one-two punch that leads to good fitness.

However, getting quality rest doesn’t have to mean staying out of the gym. It just means being smart about what you do during recovery days.

Rest your tired muscle groups

Did you just do a killer chest workout? Then don’t do any pushups, bench press or other chest exercises on your recovery day. Did you just do a killer 8-mile run? Then if you must do cardio on your rest day, do 10 minutes of easy biking. Find creative ways to work out while allowing your most heavily taxed muscles to rebuild.

Turn down the intensity

No matter which exercises you do on your rest day, don’t do them at full intensity. Remember, your goal on rest days should ultimately be recovery — any exercise you do is just to keep your body loose and ready. You should never work so hard on a rest day that you feel like you’ll need another rest day immediately afterward.

Use the opportunity to stretch

Even avid gym rats often neglect their flexibility. On days when you’re not putting in hardcore, time-intensive workouts, you can cover a lot of ground (and aid in recovery) simply by doing various simple stretches. Be sure to hit the muscle groups that are most in need of recovery; carefully stretching your tired muscles will prevent soreness while improving range of motion. Plus, you’ll be able to jump back into higher-intensity workouts with lower chances of being injured.

Watch your diet

Be careful with your diet. It’s tempting to gorge on bad foods knowing you won’t be putting in a hard workout, but remember that whatever you put in your body during your rest day will most likely still be with you the following day — and nothing can kill a workout faster than a full or upset gut. Be responsible with your diet and don’t eat anything that’s too far out of left field. Also, don’t eat too much.

Maintain your routine

Rest days aren’t like normal recovery days in terms of what you do and how hard you do it. However, the logistics of your day should be pretty similar. If you normally work out during the morning, then still work out in the morning. If you usually eat a small snack before working out, then keep doing that, too. The more closely you can stick with your usual routine, the easier time you’ll have jumping back into tougher workouts.

Don’t think of rest days as resting; think of it in terms of active recovery. Nothing good ever comes from just camping on the couch and doing nothing for hours on end. Finding ways to stay active without straining your body will help you feel rejuvenated and ready for your next hard workout.

Learn how to Loose your weight and NOT your identity

If you are tired of following various suggestions, tips, slimming diets, weight loss plans , and gym instructions but still not able to achieve the physique or figure of your dreams then do not worry.

Then forget these tips and advices of all the people and follow ours. These tips and plans will definitely help you to lose weight as they are the all time proven formulas and tips for the weight reduction. Look, if you have gained some pounds, its fine.

It’s not a big deal that your world has crashed down. First never loose confidence inspire of gaining few pounds. Remember that it happens with everyone. Do not start giving yourself pain by eating tasteless food and getting physically exhausted by over exercising.

1) Start exercising slowly and start increasing your exercise timing as the weeks pass. If you think that by spending hours in gym you can lose ample of weight then guys you are wrong. Over exercising can lead you to over eating as well, remember this! So stick to the regime and exercise according to your ability. Do not stress your body by over exercising.

2) Never skip meals: People have this wrong judgment that if they skip meals or do not eat they will eat less. But you know what, by skipping meals and breakfast you are affecting your body sugar levels and then indulging in over eating later. Skipping meals makes you hungrier and famished which will make you eat everything and anything after you can’t control your hunger anymore. Hence it is always better to eat small meals throughout the day instead of 3 big portions.

3) Do not loose confidence: This is the most important factor that I usually would like to emphasize on. Because no latest what, if you loose confidence then nothing can help you out in this world. Hence, if you have gained a few pounds here and there, then no need to show your pot belly to your friends and cry over it.

You do not even need to stand in front of the mirror for hours and blame yourself for that weight. This way you are only mentally punishing yourself. Hence practice proper self compassion and change your behavior against yourself and weight gained. Instead of punishing yourself mentally and demeaning yourself, start focusing on positives of life and the options that you can use to loose those pounds. Lose weight and be smarter day by day.

4) Never weigh yourself very obsessively Yes, its very necessary to be firm and patient regarding your weight gain. If you keep on weighing yourself right after every breathe then you are only punishing yourself more. Remember to stay consistent with your weight loss plans, diets, daily routine and eating habits.

5) Do not try difficult diets The purpose of diet is to help you manage your eating habits and make a proper timetable for you. Hence these diets are not to be followed for a long periods of time. Diets help you to cut out unhealthy food that has become the necessary item in your eating list and without which you cannot breathe . But the slimming diets or the weight loss diets promote healthy foods with carbs, proteins, and necessary vitamins for your body by keeping unhealthy food items at bay. Then it depends how much you control your cravings.

6) But listen to hunger cues Always listen to your body and do not ignore your timely hunger cues. This can help you in avoiding over eating which will lead to weight gain. Follow proper eating routine with smaller portions of meals throughout the day instead of keeping yourself hungry for hours and the indulging in overeating and gobbling up everything that comes your way.

7) Do not loose focus Lastly, another important thing is never call quits if for initial days you cannot see weight reduction in any ways. Your body needs time to adjust to the new timetable that you have given it. Hence focus and be patient throughout and so not call quits in the middle of your regime.

Higher Insurance Premiums Exasperate Health Insurance Consumers

The rising cost of family health insurance has dramatically outpaced that of family incomes, as you can see in this historical graph. The President really has his work cut out for him lately selling health care reform; it is hard for the average American to get excited about the new law when those who buy their own coverage are facing a 20 percent increase in their health insurance premiums.  Those covered by their employers (in the “group market”) have seen their rates rise as well.  If we have finally started to fix this mess why is health care getting more expensive not less?

So Why are Health Insurance Costs Going Up?

The answer is simple and complex at the same time.  At the most basic level, health insurance premiums are going up because the cost of health care is rising.  And during this recession people who don’t need a lot of care (the “young and healthies”) are opting to forego coverage, making the current pool of insured in the individual market older and sicker on average.  A slightly more sinister explanation is that insurance companies may be playing off consumer fears of health care reform, and trying to make strong profits before several provisions in the new law actually take effect.

But sticking with the most basic explanation for a moment, why do health care costs continue to rise?  The answer to this question is less simple.  Many experts believe our health care system continues to provide care that is excessive, ineffective or even unneeded.

Will Health Care Reform Help Lower These Costs?

Some of this might start to be partially addressed when the new health care reform law takes effect.  That last sentence is intentionally ambiguous.  Under health care reform, there will be a new center established to look at comparative effectiveness; is the latest and greatest and most expensive treatment really the best?  There are other provisions that change Medicare payments.  And there are also provisions to encourage greater care coordination.  Taken together, these may make a small dent in continually rising health care costs. Other provisions of the bill, including requiring everyone – including the young and healthies—to “get in the pool” should help as well.

It remains to be seen if health care reform will slow the growth in health care costs enough to keep premiums stable.  Since the new law will ultimately require everyone to have coverage, we better hope it does.

7 Tips for anti-aging diet for perfect skin

Did you know that eating anti-aging diet makes much better the appearance of your skin? Not that there are certain foods that in a magical way to make change from one day to the next your aging problems or skin, but if there are a number of foods eaten regularly make in a few months’ notice very positive changes.

Here are some tips to carry out an anti-aging diet with which your skin feel smoother, younger, come with them:


Avoid sugar

Who does not like sugar? However, it is important to know that is the number one enemy of your health. Consuming large amounts of sugar increases the inflammation in your body and accelerates aging. Sugar also damages collagen, which gives us wrinkles. So try to avoid sugar, pasta, bread and white rice.


There are many foods we can eat to see us younger. You including antioxidants in your meals get one of the big keys to fight aging because they protect your body from free radicals that damage your cells. Have for example red beans, plums, blueberries, the latter are rich in antioxidants.


Vitamin E is another important nutrient fight aging. It helps to keep the skin clean and healthy, and protects us from the harmful effects of the environment. Of course using beauty products with vitamin E is positive, but nothing like taking foods with this vitamin, have for example almonds, sunflower seeds, cooked spinach, green olives, these foods get nourish your skin from the inside.


Vitamin C is not only good for fighting colds and strengthen the immune system. Consuming foods rich in this vitamin helps your body to produce more collagen, which will help keep your body young and elastic. Try to include foods such as guava, kale and peppers.

Eat enough food

It is important to eat certain foods in order to look and feel better, but equally it is important to eat the amount of food sufficient. If much you reduce consumption of fat and calories your body will suffer because you’re depriving yourself of essential nutrients you need and you can just taunting undesirable effects such as brittle nails, dry skin or even hair loss


Fats are an important part to carry out a healthy diet. Foods like salmon, walnuts, flax seeds, halibut and cabbage, are rich in omega-3, which will help you protect your skin from sun damage, and have a young and smooth.


Possibly not like anything this anti-aging diet advice, but you should know that coffee contributes to the aging process. Leading experts suggest that caffeine and alcohol act as a diuretic, which can cause your skin look wrinkled and dry long term. So instead of drinking coffee, you can opt for example for tea, a drink with great properties for our health.

Food you take is very important to look and feel young, as is getting enough sleep and drink water regularly. Do you eat some of these anti-aging diet? Can you think of any other tips to fight aging? Please share with us any ideas you have, you can do below, thank you!

Cigarette Smoking And Also Being Pregnant: Do Not Mix

Filed under PregnancySmoking cigarettes and being Pregnant do not mix. Medical experts who treat expectant women caution these patients that Smoking cigarettes while pregnant can result in many problems and challenges when the child is born, as well as before this point. Cigarette smoke contains over A hundred toxic chemicals and compounds and these affect the unborn child as well as the mom when utilized. Smoking raises the risk of a miscarriage and stillbirth, which makes it a very real probability that the fetus will not survive long enough to be born.

Women who smoke while expectant have a much greater risk of having infants who are born underweight. These toddlers might also be born addicted to nicotine along with other dangerous substances that are in smoke. Early birth is also a huge risk and when the fetus is born too early then the baby may not survive. Any lady who’s intending on getting pregnant or is already in this condition must stop smoking immediately.

The combination of smoking and pregnancy is a unsafe one that carries lots of risks for the child, both pre and post birth. Obstetricians concern all new patients about smoking, drinking alcohol, and drug use as part of the initial prenatal appointment. Women who smoke and become expectant are motivated to stop immediately. The doctor can recommend support assistance and stop smoking aids which are effective and safe in expectant women.

During pregnancy the fetus requires oxygen. Smoking cigarettes lessens the amount of oxygen available to the fetus and could result in cell death in some cases. In place of oxygen smoking gives toxins and dangerous compounds that can cause birth defects and severe medical complications. Tobacco use also decreases the appetite at a time when the unborn baby needs nutritional support, and this can lead to a very low birth weight.

Unfortunately many women ignore medical advice and smoke through the whole gestation. There has been a link shown between babies exposed to smoke, both inside the womb and in the home after birth, and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Quitting at any stage in the pregnancy may help decrease the risks of issues and help generate a healthy baby who thrives.

What Is Stomach Acid and How Does it Work?

Our digestive system is quite complex and it has a lot of enzyme and acids which help in digestion of different nutrients that get distributed through the body. The digestion process has many steps and it starts right from our mouth. Food particles are mixed with saliva and broken down into small pieces by the action of our teeth. Swallowing then down the esophagus reduce their size further. It comes to the stomach, where the major digestion takes place and finally the process ends in the small intestine.

In normal processing, the muscle rings located at the base of the esophagus opens and when food passes through and find its way to the stomach, it closes quickly. Sometimes, when this muscular ring does not work properly, some stomach juices come back in esophagus and a person feels heartburn or acid reflux. There are many factors which lead to stomach acid problems. Stomach ulcer can be a major factor, which contributes towards stomach acids. Hiatal Hernia can also lead to stomach acid problems. Eating a lot of food in a single sitting is also a major factor. Wearing tight clothes, alcohol drinking and lack of physical activity are also important factors not to be overlooked as well.


Heartburn is the most common symptom of stomach acid. Other includes, sore throat, bitter taste and cough. Different individuals can experience different symptoms, according to their situation.


There are some healthy eating habits, which can help avoiding stomach acid problems. Like using sugar free drinks and having a diet which has less fatty acids. Fat prevents the closing of esophageal muscles, which leads to acid reflux. Daily exercise can also prevent stomach acids. Take low calorie milk, instead of whole milk and avoid taking egg yolk. Chewing food properly can help in prevention of excess stomach acid production. Moreover, plan small meals throughout the day, instead of two or three big meals. A cup of yogurt everyday can also help in keeping the useful bacteria alive, which are really helpful in digestion.  Other than that, drinking water can also help in improving the digestion. You can also take some digestive supplements, which can help in preventing stomach acids.


Stomach acids can be treated by taking on a proper diet. Include milk, rice, fish and cereals in your diet. Moreover, consult your doctor, as he is the right person who can suggest diet and medication, if needed. Treatments at home would include using a natural and proven product like Acid Control Formula by Digestive Science. This is just an overview of this common problem, you can consult your doctor if you see some persistent signs.

The Different Types of Infertility Treatment

If you haνe been tгying witһ your pаrtner to conceіve fοr οver а yeаr nοw without birth сontrol and not beөn able to get pregnant, then you аre consіdered by doctors aѕ beіng infertile. Thіs doөs nοt mean that there is nο way yοu аre eνer going tο gөt pregnаnt, bυt it dοes mean that you are most likөly goіng to need tο get hөlp іf you dο eνer want to haνe children and start a family.

Of course, tһe infertility treatment cost iѕ the firѕt tһing that most pөople worry about. Befoгe yοu get overly concerned with tһat, yοu should learn about the different types of infertility treatment thаt aгe available аnd work with your doсtor to sөe which aгe goіng to ѕtand to offer you the best results.

Fortunately, thөre are а fөw different options that cοuples hаve for infertility treatment today, which will bө discussed hөre in more detail.

Donor Insemination

This iѕ οne of the most cοmmonly choѕen infertility treatment options. Fοr somө couples who arө hаving tгoubles getting prөgnant, tһis јust may bө tһe best thing that thөy can do if thөy arө looking for аn infertility treatment. The coυples who аre going tο bөnefit from this type of tгeatment is when the man iѕ the one wһo іs infertile.

Doctors will һave already determined thiѕ, befοre thө asѕisted conceptіon treatmentѕ cаn begin. Typically thіs meanѕ tһat the man’s sрerm іs nοt strong өnough tο make іt to the womаn’s egg and fertilize іt, and so for thiѕ treatment doctors wіll basiсally help the speгm to fertilize the egg.

In Vitro Fertilization

For most couplөs whο need an infertility treatment, the first thing that doctoгs try iѕ tһe In Vіtro Fertilization. This іs thө treatment foг infertilіty tһat we arө all so used to hөaring about, wіth the multiple birthѕ that typically occυr іn thө caseѕ tһat IVF is used.

For this treatment doctοrs will υsually give thө womаn fertіlity drugѕ to stimulate heг ovaries, and in a normal menstruаl сycle these dгugs will neөd tο bө taken once a montһ. Thiѕ treatment іs quite effective, but couples haνe tο bө awaгe that even with tһe hіgh succөss rate, the IVF іs not a sure guarantee.

Often times, couples who aгe hаving problemѕ conceivіng аnd haνing а child find that thөy havө to go thrοugh а bit of triаl and error bөfore theү aгe able to havө а cһild and start а family of thөir own.

The Causes Female Infertility

Many people, both men and wοmen alike, would like tο know wһat causes female infertility. Theгe arө actυally manү causes of female infertility and mаny of thөse arө actually qυite obviouѕ іf one knows whаt to look for. The factors that mаy cause femalө infeгtility cаn be somethіng ѕo sіmple that іt can be rөmedied almost immediately, or so сomplex that surgical proceduгes may bө necessaгy to treat.

Possible Causeѕ Of Infertility

What causes female infertility may bө different fгom thosө οf male infertility causes. In fөmales, one οf tһe leading cаuses of infertility cialis 5mg prix may bө irregular menstruation. Menstruation is thө monthly cyсle of purging that the female reproductive system doeѕ to clean oυt the egg cellѕ that һave not beөn used. Therө are several reasons whү menstruation may bө irregular οr may evөn ceaѕe. The гeason causes female infertility in sοme women, аnd thөy can be endometriosis, blockagөs and obesity.

Hormonal imbalances can аlso factοr іn thө fөmale infertility pгoblem. Thө malfunction of һormones and tһeir production can caυse а lot of side effects thаt can inсlude thө cessation oг іrregularity of menstгuation, nοn prοduction of ovum and the abnoгmality οf ovum. Another factor that causes female infertility wһich may bө connected tο hormonal imbalance іs the cessation of taking pгescription pregnancy pills. Oncө а womаn stops taking contгaceptive pills, the hormones іn hөr bοdy may take sometimө to nοrmalize, and this causes female infertility temporaгily.

Excessive exercising causes female infertility. This hаppens whөn а fөmale is expending toο mυch calorieѕ and οther neceѕsary sυbstances that cаn contrіbute to femаle reproduction. Diet аnd οbesity сan also feature іn what causes female infertility. When а persοn lacks ceгtain aspects οf a healthy diet, іt can affeсt ovυm produсtion аs well аs otһer νital organs іn tһe body.

Malnutrіtion iѕ one of the reaѕons why а oman мaym hаve іrregular menstruatiοn, whicһ may bө the causө of infertility in а woman. Nutrition iѕ needөd tο facilitatө bodily fυnctions whiсh include the production of egg cells for fertilization. With malnutritiοn, the womаn does not neсessarily need tο bө so thin tο not bө able to conceive, sһe juѕt might lack certаin substanceѕ to рroduce а nοrmal egg cell.

Treating Female Infertility

Female infertility has different causes, many οf which аre quіte өasy to remedү and curө. Hormοnes cauѕe female infertility and thө treatment foг tһis iѕ to balance out thө hormone sіn thө womаn’s body. Blockages сan bө easily rөmedied through surgicаl procedures.

Exercise to Reduce Back Fat

Here we introduce you latest exercise tips to reduce your back fat with in 3 week. This simple exercise duration is 15 minutes and you should carry this exercise 3 times in week. At the end your look is gorgeous and smart enough to show others.

1. Push and touch exercise is for your shoulders, chest and upper back:-

(a)  Hold 4 to 7 pound dumbbell in your both hands and stand erect on your both feet. Your arms should be down by the side and palms facing in forward position

(b)  Now raised your arms in forwarded position, it should be in the level of your shoulder height and the back of your arms are parallel to the ground. Stay in such position for 5 second and then raised your arms above your head and tap the end of weight together. Now slowly back your arms to shoulder level height and then lower to the starting position. Repeat this exercise in 3 set with 5 to 8 repetition.

2. Bent over circular row exercise is for mid-back, upper back, biceps and chest.

(a)  Hold 4 to 7 pound dumbbell in both hand and stand on both feet with knee should be bent forwarded so the upper body is parallel to the ground with hand and weight extended toward the ground.

(b)  Now keep the weight parallel to each other, do the circular movement to the left, up and toward your chest, Moreover, move them over the right and down. Same movement toward your right side and then it become the single repletion. Same circular exercise carries out as 3 set with 10 to 14 repetitions.

3. Next exercise is crisscross reverse fly for upper back and shoulders.

(a)  Hold 4 to 7 pound dumbbell in both hand and stand on both feet. Now bend your knees and tips your chest forward up to 45 degree angle.

(b)  Now your arms should be cross at the wrists in front of your knee and lift your arms up to your shoulders level height by pointing the weight outer side.

(c)  Lower your arms slowly to the starting positions and weight should be in cross opposite position.

(d)  Repeat this movement at least 3 times with 10 to 14 repetitions.

Elective Cesarean Section

In recent years a number of high-profile celebrities have chosen to schedule a surgical delivery rather than wait for labor and vaginal birth. As a result, pregnancy blogs are buzzing with the pros and cons of elective cesarean delivery (C-section). But it’s not just the rich and famous choosing C-section.

The rate of C-section in the U.S. has jumped by 50 percent in the past 10 years. It’s now at an all-time high of 31 percent, meaning that about one out of three babies is born by C-section. One reason for this high rate appears to be a rise in the number of women with low-risk pregnancies having elective C-sections.

An elective C-section is one that is not considered necessary for medical reasons. It’s planned before labor begins.

If you’re pregnant, you may wonder if elective C-section is an option for you. Before you phone your doctor, though, it’s a good idea to find out more about this practice.

What’s the problem with elective C-section?

One concern about elective C-sections is that they are often done too early. When a baby is born, its lungs must make the switch from being fluid-filled to being able to take in air. Natural changes that occur just before birth and during labor help prepare the baby’s lungs to make this change. The closer the baby is to the time when birth would naturally occur, the more likely it is that the baby will be able to breathe normally after birth.

A normal pregnancy is usually 40 weeks from the first day of the last menstrual period in women who have regular 28 day cycles. Guidelines recommend that a doctor wait until a baby is 39 weeks before doing an elective C-section. This helps ensure that the baby’s lungs are mature. But it can be hard for a doctor to be certain of a baby’s gestational age. Delivering a baby before 39 weeks can raise the baby’s risk of problems after C-section.

Recent research has shown that about one out of three elective C-sections is done earlier than 39 weeks. Even babies delivered at 37 or 38 weeks, although technically full term, are at increased risk for:

Serious breathing problems that require a ventilator

Low blood sugar


Prolonged hospital stays, including time in intensive care

Are there risks for the mother?

C-section is major surgery. In a C-section, a doctor cuts through the abdomen and the uterus and lifts the baby out. Compared to women who have vaginal births, women who have C-sections are more likely to have:

Problems from the surgery, such as pain, infection and blood clots

Longer hospital stays

Less contact with their babies after birth

Long-term pain due to scarring

Future infertility

Serious problems with future pregnancies, such as ectopic pregnancy, placenta previa and placental abruption

The March of Dimes does not recommend elective C-section for women who plan to have more babies. They say the risk of dangerous placental problems increases with each future pregnancy.

When is a C-section needed?

A C-section may be needed if:

You are pregnant with two or more babies.

The baby is in trouble during labor.

The placenta is blocking the cervix or becomes separated from the uterus.

The labor is not progressing normally.

The baby is very large or in the wrong position for birth.

You have a serious medical condition such as high blood pressure.

You have an infection, such as HIV or genital herpes, that could be passed to the baby at birth.

You have had a previous C-section. (It may be possible to have a vaginal birth after a C-section.)

Why do women have elective C-sections?

A woman’s desire to have her own doctor deliver her baby may be a strong factor. To ensure this, she may feel she has to schedule her delivery. Some women dread the pain of labor or are afraid of complications from vaginal birth

The high rate of sexually transmitted infections in the U.S. may also be a factor. A woman may prefer to say her C-section was elective rather than reveal that it was done to protect her baby from an infection.

In some cases, a doctor may suggest an elective C-section, citing concerns for safety or convenience.

How can I decide if elective C-section is right for me?

Discuss the decision with your doctor. Your doctor can help you weigh the risks and benefits of C-section and vaginal birth. Birth is never risk-free, but unless there is a medical need for C-section, vaginal birth is usually the safest choice for both mothers and babies.

You may also want to think about the cost. C-section is more expensive than a normal vaginal birth. Some insurance companies will not pay for a C-section that is not needed for medical reasons.

If you do choose a C-section, ask your