7 Tips for anti-aging diet for perfect skin

Did you know that eating anti-aging diet makes much better the appearance of your skin? Not that there are certain foods that in a magical way to make change from one day to the next your aging problems or skin, but if there are a number of foods eaten regularly make in a few months’ notice very positive changes.

Here are some tips to carry out an anti-aging diet with which your skin feel smoother, younger, come with them:


Avoid sugar

Who does not like sugar? However, it is important to know that is the number one enemy of your health. Consuming large amounts of sugar increases the inflammation in your body and accelerates aging. Sugar also damages collagen, which gives us wrinkles. So try to avoid sugar, pasta, bread and white rice.


There are many foods we can eat to see us younger. You including antioxidants in your meals get one of the big keys to fight aging because they protect your body from free radicals that damage your cells. Have for example red beans, plums, blueberries, the latter are rich in antioxidants.


Vitamin E is another important nutrient fight aging. It helps to keep the skin clean and healthy, and protects us from the harmful effects of the environment. Of course using beauty products with vitamin E is positive, but nothing like taking foods with this vitamin, have for example almonds, sunflower seeds, cooked spinach, green olives, these foods get nourish your skin from the inside.


Vitamin C is not only good for fighting colds and strengthen the immune system. Consuming foods rich in this vitamin helps your body to produce more collagen, which will help keep your body young and elastic. Try to include foods such as guava, kale and peppers.

Eat enough food

It is important to eat certain foods in order to look and feel better, but equally it is important to eat the amount of food sufficient. If much you reduce consumption of fat and calories your body will suffer because you’re depriving yourself of essential nutrients you need and you can just taunting undesirable effects such as brittle nails, dry skin or even hair loss


Fats are an important part to carry out a healthy diet. Foods like salmon, walnuts, flax seeds, halibut and cabbage, are rich in omega-3, which will help you protect your skin from sun damage, and have a young and smooth.


Possibly not like anything this anti-aging diet advice, but you should know that coffee contributes to the aging process. Leading experts suggest that caffeine and alcohol act as a diuretic, which can cause your skin look wrinkled and dry long term. So instead of drinking coffee, you can opt for example for tea, a drink with great properties for our health.

Food you take is very important to look and feel young, as is getting enough sleep and drink water regularly. Do you eat some of these anti-aging diet? Can you think of any other tips to fight aging? Please share with us any ideas you have, you can do below, thank you!