Q.  Is your wife insane?

A.  Only 4 days out of the month ;-)

Q. Is she really crying or is she acting?

  1. A.She’s really crying.  The tears are 100% genuine.

  1. Q. Does she think the movies are real?

  2. A. Of course not.  She’s not that crazy!

Q.  Does she cry after EVERY movie?

  1. A. I wish!  She cries after movies with happy/sad endings.  Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle wont generate tears.

  1. Q.Has she always been like this?

  2. A. My in-laws told me that she used to cry at the end of the Little Mermaid when she was 4 :)

Q.  Does she ever cry like that in other situations?

  1. A. Surprisingly no.  I’m sure if our puppy died or something, she would be bawling, but in normal situations she’s not so extremely sensitive.  As of now, the answer is YES.  She recently cried because of rainbow clouds and a double rainbow.

  1. Q. Does she cry when she reads books?

A.  Nope.  Only movies with happy/sad endings.

Q.  Does she cry like that in the theaters?

  1. A. Nope, only at home.  It’s probably because she’s just more comfortable on our couch with me there.

Q.  What does she say about you posting these videos online?

  1. A. She thinks it’s funny.  She’s secure enough to laugh at herself.

  1. Q. Does she ever get mad at you?

  2. A. Maybe when she see’s this site ;) Just kidding! She’s actually writing the FAQ with me :)

Q.  Do you ever get annoyed with her crying?

  1. A. Ha!  Not at all! I think it’s really cute.  She’s crying about Darth Vader!  What’s not to love?

  1. Q. Does she have any deep rooted issues that’s causing these kinds of breakdowns?

  2. A. Naw.  It would be a concern if she was always like this.  She’s not.  She just really gets into the characters and the story (and rainbows).

  1. Q. Do you, the husband, ever cry during movies?

  2. A. I get choked up from time to time, but I’m too busy keeping in my laughter when Hollie is crying next to me :)  And yes, I do comfort her, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say I can’t help smiling while doing so :D

  1. Q. Is your dog’s name really n00b?

A.  Yup.  He also has a little brother named ROFL.

  1. Q. Who made the logo for the site?

  2. A. Our good buddy Tim over at Tim’s Doodle Blog.

  1. Q. Can I suggest a movie for you guys to watch?

  2. A. Yes you can!  Just click here! 

  1. Q. I’m with the press and I wanted to book an interview.  What’s the best way to go about that?

  2. A. You can click on the new Contact for the Press page!

  1. Q.I noticed that you guys are selling t-shirts now.  Have you turned to the dark side of greedy money making?

  2. A. Nope.  We’re still on the light side of the force.  The t-shirts are something fun for the fans.  We literally make a $2 profit.  We’re not in this for the money.  The google ads are enough to pay for the site hosting and that’s about it :)

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