Question: Why haven't you made any new videos?
Answer: We had fun with our 15 minutes of fame, but have moved on. We have four beautiful kids now and have a blast being parents.

Question: Is your wife okay with you posting these videos?
Answer:Yep. She has a great sense of humor and can laugh at herself.

Question: Is your wife crazy?
Answer: Nope, she just really gets into movies.

Question: Does she still cry after watching movies?
Answer: Surprisingly, no. Now that we have kids, we rarely sit down and watch movies. When we do, we're usually interrupted by our daughter who always has an excuse to not go to bed :)

Question: Do you ever plan to make more videos?
Answer: We had fun with it when we were newly weds. We'll keep them online for others to enjoy, but we don't plan on making more.